Our Telco Analytics Solution is an accelerator for a telecommunications’ sector EDW projects. Our solution is designed based on the telecommunication operators business demand and the industry standards combined with our experience in working with several different telecommunications companies, which enables an alignment with the customer needs and a strong reduction of risk.

The Telco Analytics can be divided in four main areas:


Data Model

Predefined data model for core and advanced modules


Predefined Reports

Based on the accelerator data model, the reporting foundation and some predefined reports are already prebuilt. More reports can be built, as well as all the ad-hoc exploration from the business users


Predefined ETL Mapping
(interface based approach)

Our accelerator has an interface-based approach which enables the faster creation of the ETL processes. Based on these interfaces, the Telco Analytics has a predefined ETL processes which feed the model. The main activity related to ETL with this accelerator is the feeding from the source systems to the interfaces.


Customization methodology

Starting an EDW with a blank piece of paper is a high-risk approach and very time-consuming. With our accelerator, we propose starting with a solid base and then adapting it to the customer reality and needs.


Bring Telco Analytics is organized in a modular approach to provide flexibility to the Telecom Operators to select the product modules according with the business needs.

The module range is comprised of two different module types:


These modules are fundamental and mandatory for telecoms that need a business information about their customers, subscribers, top-ups, usage or products and services


These modules are optional and can be selected, adding business functionality to the core modules as needed by telecoms

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